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January 6, 2009

We are moving!!!

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Our class website is moving to a NEW location!

I needed a place where I can store LOTS of pictures, and this new location is through Warwick SD, and should allow me lots of picture space. :)

Please visit our new website at:  (either copy and paste this link in the URL, or simply click on it to go to the new site)


Please change it on your computer since this site will not longer be updated.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I know how much the students enjoy looking at the pictures, so I needed a place that would allow lots of pictures!


December 18, 2008


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It certainly is the best time of the year around our classroom.  It’s been hard to contain the excitement and keep the kids focused on math, reading etc.

This week the high school office staff asked our students to come and decorate the office Christmas tree!  The students were quite happy to comply with this request, and very pleased with the decorated tree.  I even heard one student telling another student about “their” tree in the office.

Week of Dec. 8th

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What a busy week, filled with lots of Christmas excitement!  We have been counting down to Christmas each morning during our calendar time.  We have also been reading lots of holiday books that we have incorporated into our reading groups.  The students have been  a lot more motivated to read the array of Christmas books in our classroom.  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is by far the class favorite!

We are busy making Christmas cards, this has been a great job training lesson, with lots of opportunities to work on neatness, and taking our time on a project.

I am posting pictures of our chilly walk to Lititz Springs Park last week.  We had a great time learning about different types of Christmas decorations, including the many door wreaths we saw.

December 8, 2008

Christmas is coming……..

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The students have been getting so excited about Christmas.  It has been the main topic of our social skills class this past week.  I even made a power point presentation filled with lots of Christmas items ( stockings, candy canes, ornaments etc).  This power point has been a great way to work on Christmas conversation skills.

We also visited the high school library last Friday.  All the students who went, were able to check out book.   Griff and Stephen used the computer to find books at another school that they are interested in.  So they will be called down to the library when their books arrive!

On Monday we took a frigid walk to the park.  Don’t worry though, we dressed VERY warmly.  I brought in extra hats and gloves for the kids to wear.  We also had hot cocoa when we got back! It was a great tie into all our talk about how to dress for cold weather.

We ventured down to the district office this past Friday to take several class Christmas pictures.  I will be posting several of these pictures over the next few weeks.

It will be a busy week this week, we will be helping to put the Christmas program together for the Chorus program this weekend.

* Remember if you double click on any of the pictures you can see a bigger version of it! :)

November 26, 2008

Thanks to Linden Hall

We had a busy week right before Thanksgiving completing a large mailing for Linden Hall.  It turned out to be a larger job then we anticipated so we worked “overtime” to meet our “deadline.”  We even had to hire some new “employees” from a study hall to help us get the job done on time!  It was another good experience for everyone, it really teaches the importance of working together, sticking to our tasks, waiting to take a break, and focusing on our job,not on others around us.  All important life skills for our future empoyees.

As you will see in the pictures below, we also took a nice break and went out and checked out the snow that fell last week. Mrs. Morris loves snow and the outdoors, so I just had to get the kids outside to enjoy the first snow of the season.  It was also a great tie in to our talk about the different seasons, and how to dress for the weather.  We will also be discussing words like “yesterday”, “today,” and “tomorrow” during our calendar time each week.

I got the classroom all decorated for Christmas, I am certain Christmas will be discussed a lot in our classroom the next several weeks.  We will be making special Christmas cards for the WHS staff that have been an intergral part of our classroom over the last year and half.  It should be a fun project, but also an important one in teaching gratitude.

Check back for more pictures!

November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

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We are a thankful class.  This year we are thankful for……..

Stephen is thankful for Mr. Ginter our new principal.  He is also thankful he can help

Mr.Rathkey in the cafeteria.  He is thankful for our class. He is also thankful for Nurse Melissa.

Zach is thankful for his family and his brother Steve and his new cell phone.

Vanessa is thankful for FM97, her parents and mashed potatoes.

Matt is thankful for his friend Spencer, Ashley, and his Mom.  He is thankful he can go to

Subway and Freeze and Frizz on his own.

Thomas is thankful for Thanksgiving, and turkey

Taylor is thankful for his bike, his dog Dottie.

Elizabeth is thankful for her family and friends, her house, clothes, turkey and pizza.

Julie our student volunteer is thankful for Kenny, and all of our students!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Life Skills Class!

November 19, 2008

Visit from State Representative John Bear

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We were fortunate that local state Representative John Bear was willing to come speak to our class the day before election day. He shared with the class details and information on the election process, along with information on what he does at his job.  Representative Bear is also a Warwick High School Alumni, so he got to speak in the same school where he was once a student!

November 8, 2008

Friday Field Trip Fun!

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We had a GREAT time on our field trip to the Lititz Library and Pizza Hut.  We ended the day with a long hike on a local trail near Pizza Hut. After all the food we ate, we thought a long walk would be good!

The students ALL had such GREAT manners at Pizza Hut.  They ordered their sodas, paid for their food and enjoyed the buffet immensely.  Several customers and staff at Pizza Hut complimented me on the students stellar manners and behavior.

Enjoy the pictures from our day!

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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We carved a pumpkin and made delicious popcorn today.  It was a fun day filled excitement!

Have a good weekend everyone!  Local state Representative John Bear will be in Monday to talk to the class about the upcoming election.  Thanks to Mrs. Freeman for setting this up!

October 25, 2008

Week of Oct.20th

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Our vocational class worked on a job this week for the Lancaster Jr. Barnstormers baseball team. Tyler Morris plays baseball for one of the teams in this organization. Therefore the team partnered with our class to help them prepare for their annual fundraiser.   Our class folded 2,000 lottery calendars, stamped each one with a number, and then organized them by team, and then by player alphabetically.  All good skills for our students to be exposed to and gain valuable work experience accomplishing each task.  A special thanks to Matt and Elizabeth, they worked “overtime” stamping each lottery calendar.

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